How Producing A Football Podcast Scored Me An ARIA Award

I never liked football, I never wanted to do anything in football. its funny how my first professional podcast I worked on is about football.


Well, Its been a long time since I last posted on here but ive been a bit busy. My last update was being nominated for an award at the 2017 Student Radio Awards. It was a fun evening where I walked away with something better than an award, my first experience on a professional podcast.

At the awards I was chatting away with folk I knew in the industry and one introduced me to the chap who presented an award whist balancing a can of red bull on his head, His name was Ant Mcginley a Podcast entrepreneur. I told him about my enthusiasm for documentaries and podcast and he gave me his business card and told me to get in touch.

The next day I emailed him saying I checked out some his work and was interested in working with him in some capacity. A few phone calls later he asks to have me on board of his flagship Football podcast “On The Left Side”.

On The Left Side: The Funny Football Show Is the brain child of Ant and Presenter Jim Salveson, it goes over all the recent football stories with its own unique scene of humour and fast pace style with each episode being around 10 minutes long.

Football was never a sport I had close to my heart, from the age of 5 to 11 I was taken to nearly every Luton Town home game and I still don’t know the rules, I only enjoyed having a burger or pie at half time. Watching football was more endurance than leisure, if you’re in my household and aren’t prepared to chant “COME ON YOU HATTERS!” when Luton are playing then prepare to be disowned. I was actually a half decent defender playing football in school but only because I would show no mercy in my tackles, I was picked quite early for teams for the sole reasons that I won’t be causing them any injury. I think i just liked being sent off so I didn’t have to play anymore.

I was quite uncertain of how I would manage on a football podcast so I listened to the shows archive to get an idea of hows it’s produced. Thankfully I really enjoyed the shows satirical and zany style, I honestly had no idea who played for which team or what the stories were but I liked how it was produced and its sketches were funny as hell.

I would receive the audio Jim recorded the day before and have a couple of hours to play around with editing. I started adding some sound effects I felt fitting and providing voices for sketches. The show went out twice a week so every Wednesday and Sunday id be playing around with the audio getting it ready for release the next morning. everything I produce I would forward to Ant that night who would add more layers to what I already done. After every episode Ant would get back to me with feedback about what I did good and where I can improve. He took the time to teach me a lot about editing techniques that really helped me improve as an audio producer.

As time went on I became more confident in what I produced and enjoyed working on the show regularly. A few months in Jim went on a little holiday so I had the opportunity to produce some other voices like the BBC Radio 5 Live Legend Dotun Abebayo. However as much as I was enjoying producing the podcast I still didn’t care for football.

Then the World Cup cometh. I remember watching the Robbie Williams opening ceremony with a feeling similar to that of when I watch Eurovision, We are going to disappoint, this dance routine is abysmal. everyone else hates us but at least with Eurovision you get Graham Norton all Catty on commentary. But something strange happened, something that never happened to me in all my years of being forcefully taken to football games, I actually got interested in the game.

Jim did an interview with the broadcaster and former Luton Town player Chris Kamara for the podcast in which Kamara said the World Cup restored people’s interest and enthusiasm for football. Now it never came home in the end but for the first time in my life I found myself enjoying a ball being kicked back and forth. There was something to play for, a high level of prestige for the ultimate prize determined in a few weeks, it’s what everyone’s talking about and everyone was just in a better mood all round with endorphins levels through the roof for this constant miserable country. For a short period of time you could and shout “Its Coming Home” in any public place and receive cheers instead of worried glances.

Now back to current football I really don’t care except for Luton which I wish well for sentimental purposes. However for the first time in my life I am actually excited for the next big football tournament in 2020 when the Euros return. But for now I have had enough of Baddiel & Skinner singing for quite some time.

I’ve really enjoyed spending most of this year helping produce On The Left Side although it’s a bit sad I’ve heard Jim’s voice more than most of my family or friends this year. I think what I enjoyed most about this experience was that even though it was a subject I had little interest in I still enjoyed the production and did my best in producing quality content, it reassured me how much I just enjoy working in audio.

It’s the first professional podcast I’ve had the chance to produce and it’s really helped me grow as an audio producer, However a sunset is looming over a I need to step aside from On The Left Side because of some exciting news ill share in another post.


I’ve put together a Greatest Hits of my favourite bits from On The Left Side I produced.

And to make the whole experience even more worth while, look what we got to walk away with!

ARIA Bronze


This is bloody Brilliant, to be part of a 3 man team to walk away with a leading award in the industry is something I’m very proud of.  I have worked really bloody hard on this podcast, creativly its given me a spark which Ive been carrying onto new projects.