Retro Gaming Nolstagia

for my last individuel project for University, One subject I was really intresting in producing was nolstagia for retro games. Retro games were a personal favourate of mine so i really enjoyed the process.




I sourced good contributor for the show, Dean Swain host of the Retro asylum podcast gave me a great insight of why people who grew up in the age of pixelated games. Jamie Madigan helped me understand the physiological aspects of nostalgia gaming and Corrina Broadie a young retro gaming enthesitis adds a personal touch to the documentary.

There was a great amount of sound I could play with. I really enjoyed editing the opening piece with sound taken from Space Invader, Super Mario Bros and Pokemon. Throughout the documentary, I include recognisable sound effects from games including Pac Man and Donkey Kong.I had always been a big fan of 8 Bit music So the opening and closing music is the theme from Bridge Hill Zone from Sonic The Hedgehog from the Sega Master System & Game Gear (Not the original game for the Mega Drive).

Overall this was a fun piece to make, I’ve always been a fan of retro games to it was to produce something to explain why games of our past pull our heart strings.