Finding My Voice

in 2015 we had a module in which we had to produce a short radio documentary. it was the first speech based radio project we had been given and one I was most excited about. I struggled for a while thinking about what topic I would focus it on So I decided to make it about something that had affected a large amount of my childhood, Speech Disorder.



The module was taught by Simon Elmes, former creative director of BBC Radio 4 who has a rich history of producing radio documentaries. His lectures taught me so much, he helped me individually with the projects by suggesting the Author, Broadcaster and former Children’s laureate Michael Rosen. Michael gave fantastic insights of how language first develops in a child.

To bring myself into the picture I had my mum find some old documents about my speech therapy, I felt the discussion I had with her added a personal touch. to get an understanding of teaching speech therapy I spoke to Simon Elliott the head of therapy at Meath Primary School to discuss the matter. Meath was one of the few speech therapy schools in the country, the walls were covered in speech exercises to enhance the children’s speakings abilities.

I feel the icing on the cake is the inclusion of archive audio of me with the disorder, makes my disorder seem more real.

The piece got tremendous praise from my peers and tutors and one that I am very proud of, It was a real boost of confidence that made me realise I have what it takes to become a radio documentary producer

This is a remarkable piece of highly professional feature-production of which you have every right to be very proud.

Simon Elmes 2015